Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence 2018

Priority deadline: February 28 , 2018

The Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence (June 18 – 29, 2018) , organized by Charles University , Prague and the Aristotle Un iversity of Thessaloniki and supported by the CEFRES – French Research Center in Humanities and Social Sciences, the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (UCL), the University of Birmingham and the Humboldt University of Berlin, is ready to launch it s sixth year with a special focus on the topics of ethnic and religious diversity, migration and transformation. A key goal of the Summer Seminar is to contribute to the study of violence in a substantial way and to catalyze the growth of the study of viol ence as a field.

The seminar target s highly motivated students, particularly graduate students , as well as post – docs and professional activists. It is led by international researchers from universities with an excellent reputation , such as the Humboldt Uni versity of Berlin, Central European University (Budapest), the University of Birmingham, the University of Manchester, the University of Pe nnsylvania, Eötv ös Loránd University (Budapest) and the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv . The program inv olves fieldwork designed in cooperation with research centers and international institutions in Prague and beyond.

Participants may receive a certificate of attendance and 8 ECTS credits for their active participation in the program once the assignments a re fulfilled . Since degree requirements vary among universities, students/graduates are advised to ensure, preferably in advance, that their college or university will recognize such certification and award the suggested credits.

The peer – reviewed journal JNMLP agreed to consider the publication of a special issue including the best academic paper s submitted upon completion of the Summer Seminar.

Application Procedure

Admission timeline :

28 February 2018: Priority deadline 31 March 2018: Deadline for those needing visas for the Czech Republic 30 April 2018: Final application deadline

Please submit following documents to:

• Short curriculum vitae

• Lette r of motivation

• Proof of university enrollment or graduation

• Proof of English language sufficiency


Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Those who apply early will receive first cons ideration for both admission and scholarship decisions.

All applicants will be notified of admission decisions by e – mail within two weeks after each respective deadline at the latest. F or more information , please contact our staff at


Program Costs

The participation fee is 750 Euros and includes :

• Tuition

• Fieldwork excursions

• Cultural and social events

• Weekend excursion (1 full day incl. meal )

• Reading materials

• Refreshments durin g the seminar

Participants are responsible for covering the accommodation of their choice , their travel expenses and visa if necessary.

Discounts and Fellowships

Students of Charles University, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Birmingham as well as Nationalism , Religion and Violence Summer Seminar’s alumni are all eligible for a 20% discount on the tuition fee .

A limited number of tuition fee discounts will be available for selected candidates based on their academic merit and financial needs.

A limited number of f ellowships will be granted to PhD c andi dates/students or advanced graduate students coming from any of the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, U zbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan .

For more information visit



Nikola Karasová

Program Coordinator

Summer Seminar on Nationalism, Religion and Violence

Institute of International Studies

Charles University, Prague

E – mail:

Website: nrvsschool


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