Hispania, Al-Andalus and Spain / Portugal: Identity and Nationalism in the peninsular medieval history

Casa Arabe 14-15  November, 2016

Place: Casa Arabe in Madrid (C / Alcalá 62)
Organized by: Casa Arabe
Directed by: Maribel Fierro Bello (ILC-CSIC) and Alejandro Garcia Sanjuan (University of Huelva)

The Casa Arabe, with Maribel Fierro and Alejandro Garcia Sanjuan, organizes this two-day seminar with the aim of bringing together scholars from different historiographical sensitivities. They have recently contributed to the debate around the problem of historical significance of the existence of al-Andalus and the role played by the Arab and the Islamic heritage in the mainland over time.

This event will contribute to the development of an open academic debate presenting all positions that have been expressed about problems that have much to do with identity and historical memory and, as such, affect the close relationship between the past and present of Spain.

This seminar will be structured around a series of sessions in which invited experts will develop reflections on specific issues around the following

The relationship between the concepts of Hispania, al-Andalus, Spain and Portugal
The relevance of the notion of Reconquista
The relevance of al-Andalus in the past of the Iberian Peninsula
The influence of nationalism in preparation to the historiographical momentoactual
And the influence of the current European context in the vision of peninsular Islamic past

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