The institute

The Institute for Religious Pluralism and Atheism (IPRA) aims at offering a centralized database of sources, literature and scientific promotion of research for scholars, teachers, students and the general public at large, on the topic of religious pluralism in Europe and the mediterranean space (5th-21st centuries).

IPRA builds on the experiences of ERC project RELMIN and regional network DCIE to lay the fondations of an Institute centered on History, though multidisciplinary, on the commentary and translation of sources produced from different religious traditions, and on the study of social practices in the wake of the development of the new technologies of global communication.

IPRA wishes to federate the regional, national and international scientific community working on religious pluralism. It will plan:

  • scientific events (conferences, doctoral seminars, workshops) to encourage and structure innovative and pluridisciplinar research
  • public round-tables to give keys for an in-depth understanding of hot issues
  • tools and training offers (Inter-University Diploma, online courses) for students, professionals, administrations…

2015-2016 Activity Report (in French)