IPRA and the Lieu Unique invite Jean Birnbaum

luLectures at the Lieu Unique

For the second time, IPRA in partnership with the Lieu Unique is offering a lecture series that will happen throughout the year.  This new season will start October 20th with Jean Birnbaum’s talk entitled Un silence religieux. La gauche face au djihadisme.

A religious silence: the left confronts jihadism

Unable to take belief seriously, how could the left understand Islamism expansion? How could it acknowledge the fact that jihadism is the only cause for which such a huge number of young European people are ready to go dying thousands of miles far from home? And how could it recognize that these young people are far from being all destitute?  The left won’t see political matters where religion is implicated. As long as politics are involved, it overcomes religion. That is the reason why, while killers have invoked Allah to spread terror in Paris, the French Socialist president keeps insisting that these attacks have “nothing to do” with Islam. During this lecture, we will discuss about this stubborn blindness, its historic origins as well as its present consequences.

Jean Birnbaum is the chief editor of the “Monde des Livres”. He has written many essays on contemporary political aspirations, such as: Leur jeunesse et la nôtre. L’espérance révolutionnaire au fil des générations (Stock, 2005)  and Les Maoccidents. Un néoconservatisme à la française (Stock, 2009).

Oct. 20 at the Lieu Unique, Nantes. Free Entrance.

Podcasts from last year’s conferences and debates are available at our resource centre.

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