Call for papers: ‘Témoigner, entre acte et parole’

The conference ‘Témoigner, entre acte et parole. Une herméneutique du témoignage est-elle possible ?’ (Testifying: between deeds and words. Is testimony hermeneutics possible?), organized by the IEFR, will take place at the Université d’Artois, Arras, on the 6th and 7th of October, 2016.

Summary: Following the classical work of Nabert, Ricoeur or Jean Grondin, it may be important to reflect on whether hermeneutics of testimony are possible or not: can one bare witness to one’s own conviction, particularly religious? How can we interpret the mediation chosen by the witness to testify?
With its multidisciplinary experience and with the various laboratories it gathers, the IEFR welcome exegetes, art and religions historians, theologians, linguists, philosophers, litterature specialists or lawyers, to reflect on these three questions:

  • Enouncing the testimony: Why testify? What definitions of the testimony can we find across history, and especially across religious history? Is martyrdom a testimony?
  • The reception of testimonies: How can we interpret testimonies, considering that they are in themselves an interpretation of oneself and of the others? How is the memory of testimonies organized?
  • The message of the testimony: How does the withness choose to convey his testimony? Is spoken language enought? Or is necessary to use written language?

Sending papers:

  • The papers proposals (title and summary of 1500 signs + a short presenation of the author) should be sent to both : and (if you wish to send a contribution in a language that is not French, please ask first to either one of them if it’s possible)
  • Deadline: 31rst of May, 2016. The answer will be given before the end of July.

You will find more information (in French) at this address:

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