Now available: 8th volume of the ‘Droit et religion’ directory

The 8th volume of the ‘Droit et religion’ (Law and religion) directory has been published by the Presses Universitaires d’Aix-Marseille. You will find a list of all the other books published in the ‘Droit et Religion’ collection here.

Publisher’s summary: The Law and Religion directory, a scientific journal unique in the landscape of French research, gathers individual research in the fields of theoretical analysis of the relationship between law and religion, historical research , ongoing debates in France, in other European and Mediterranean countries , conferences proceedings and chronicles of jurisprudence in private law, media law , public law and ECHR. Thus, this 8th volume gathers over thirty texts, among which the questions of religious teaching in educational systems and of the reference to the Sharia (claim , effectiveness, conflicts) in contemporary constitutions and laws are two major themes.

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