Biographical dictionary of the Dominican friars preachers

dictionnaire dominicains

The Dictionnaire biographique des frères prêcheurs. Dominicains des provinces françaises (XIXe-XXe siècles) was created in 2011 by Tangi Cavalin and Nathalie Viet-Depaule with the collaboration of archivists from l’Ordre en France, Jean-Michel Potin and Augustin Laffay. This collective effort is supported by a research institution (CEMS/IMM/EHESS) as well as by the Dominican provinces in France and Toulouse.

The goal is to give access to a corpus of close to 4 500 Dominicans, either in the form of entries written by specialist or short entries (some of which will be subsequently replaced by long ones). To the biographical classification are added a geographical one (giving the possibility to locate the places of religious Dominican life in France and around the world) and a thematic one (allowing the user to explore the multi-faceted aspect of the dominican presence in society).

Constructed as a digital tool, the dictionary gives the reader the possibility to browse according to their needs from several indexes (entry author, geographical index, thematic index, cited persons). The indexes are meant to give a overview of the place the Dominicans have in contemporary culture.

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