Week of Secularism in Sarthe, 7-11 December 2015, Le Mans (France)

The Ligue de l’enseignement – FAL 72, in collaboration with the Centre Social des Sablons “Kaléidoscope”, is organizing the 2nd edition of the Week of Secularism in Sarthe with specific actions aimed at schools and other open to the general public. As part of the national day of secularism, this week will explore the building of the 1905 law (on the Separation of the Churches and the State) and reflect upon the place of secularism in the daily life.

Dominique Avon (co-director of the IPRA) and Lola Petit (PhD student at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes member of the Groupe Religion Société Laïcité) will give a lecture followed by a discussion, on December 9 at 18h30. The topic will be: ‘Laïcité française, quelle définition ? Quelle transmission ? Comment la vivre et en parler aujourd’hui ?’ (French Secularism, what definition ? What transmission? How to live it and talk about it today?)

Conference summary: Following the attacks in Paris in January 2015, the French society is experimenting a strong mobilization around the values ​​of the Republic. How can we understand this? What could be the consequences? How, in a secular context, can we speak today of religion, both to children and adults?

Practical information:

  • Dates: from the 7 to the 11th of December
  • Place: Centre social des Sablons “Le Kaléidoscope”, 9, rue du Cantal (Place du marché), 72100 Le Mans
  • Contact: Benjamin Dagard, fal72education@laligue.org, 02 43 39 27 18

Program (please note that the program and the events are in French):

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