Lecture: ‘Déshabillons l’info : médias, religions et laïcité’

During the program ‘Libres ensemble, la laïcité en rencontres‘ (a cycle of lectures and meetings around the theme of secularism), that will take place in Nantes from December 2015 until March 2016, John Tolan, co-director of the IPRA, will animate the lecture ‘Déshabillons l’info : médias, religions et laïcité’ (stripping the info: media, religions and secularism). This lecture is organized by the Centre Interculturel de Documentation (CID), in partnership with Fragil’, Alter’Nantes and the IPRA. It will be held in French.

Practical information:

  • Date: Wednesday, 16th of December 2015, 18h30
  • Place: Maison de quartier des Dervallières, 5 rue Auguste Renoir, Nantes
  • Free entry

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In 2016, the IPRA will take part of two other events of the program ‘Libres ensemble, la laïcité en rencontres’:

  • Tuesday 5th of January 2016, 18h30: lecture by Valentine Zuber (historian, studies director at the École Pratique des Hautes Études, in Paris), ‘
  • Thursday 10th of March 2016, 18h30: lecture by Dominique Avon, co-director of the IPRA, ‘Liberté religieuse, liberté de conscience’ (Faculté de médecine, amphithéâtre 8, 1 rue Gaston Veil)
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