A PhD student, a Post-Doctoral researcher and the return of our student trainee

In October, IPRA welcomed in its team Adrian Negro Cortes and Tancredi Artico.

Adrian comes from Spain and is a PhD student from Extremadura University in medieval history. The main themes of his research for his thesis are the economical relationships between the Islamic political entities and the Christian kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula from the XI to the XV century.

Tancredi comes from Italy. He has a PhD thesis from Padua University, in which he also was a postdoctoral researcher. Today, he is a postdoctoral researcher working with the NGO IoDeposito. IoDeposito’s activity has dealt with research experimental processes on curatorial disciplines, artistic languages, history, Italian studies, cultural studies and new technologies applied to art and culture. Moreover, it has focused its attention on educational and laboratorial methodologies based on art and creativity. Tancredi’s  research themes are religious Otherness in the epic poem America (1650) by Girolamo Bartolomei.

Furthermore, Agathe Juguet is back in the team, she is a student trainee. Agathe is a master student, in history at Nantes University. Under the direction of John Tolan, she works on a master’s thesis dealing with sexuality in Islam through a study about Muhammad’s wives from the Middle Ages to today.

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