IPRA joins the Fondation of the University of Nantes

IPRA has joined the Fondation of the University of Nantes in order to raise the funds necessary to ensure the continuity of its activities.


  • To think religious and convictionnal diversity in France and Europe
  • To understand and manage the new spaces of secularism

Expected results

  • A research center hosting scholars from across the world
  • A space for civic dialog, promoting peaceful and informed debate
  • A place where researchers and decision-makers from various countries, professional or religious backgrounds can meet
  • A centre producing and disseminating policy briefs and pedagogical resources


More information about this project are available at: https://goo.gl/D7c3aJ

To support the project and make a donation, please visit: https://soutenir.fondation-univ-nantes.fr/IPRA/~mon-don/

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