some landmarks to understand Laicité

What is “laicité”? couv-livret-laiciteHow can it be promoted at school as a neutral framework for a respectful environment? How can we explain how it is a structuring principle of our society, which causes debates because it is the result of historical evolutions? This booklet is the result of a collective effort from people involved in a variety of fields in education. It aims at presenting several concepts and offers a dynamic form and synthetic architecture.

• Structured around three types of landmarks to think and acts with the pupils/students.

• Connecting short texts, larger developments to be read online, complementary videos useful links to institutional texts. Such links are signaled by pictograms

This issue of the collections “Repères” for laicité is the result of a collaboration between the ESPE of the Academy of Nantes (Université de Nantes) and the Institute of Religious Pluralism and Atheism (created by the Region Pays de la Loire).

  • Anne Vézier, Lecturer in histoiry and didactics of history, contact person for Laicité at the ESPE Académie de Nantes, Université de Nantes
  • John Tolan, Professor of medieval history, Université de Nantes
  • Dominique Avon, Professeur of contemporary history, Université du Maine


ESPE webpage to complement the booklet cliquez ici pour le lien vers le site de l’ESPE

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