Registrations have opened for the university degree ‘Religions et athéisme en contexte de laïcité’

The Université de Nantes, the Université du Maine and the IPRA have launched together a university degree entitled ‘Religions et athéisme en contexte de laïcité’ (Religion and atheism in a secularism context) in January 2016. Registrations have now opened for the 2016-2017 courses. Please note that the courses are given in French.

Description and goals: In the context of laïcité, the French government in principle neither recognizes nor favors any kind of worship. But every kind of worship is allowed to belong to society. This particular situation, relatively new from an historical point of view and linked to a non-linear movement of secularisation, sometimes has led political, economic and cultural actors to not regard religious facts as social issues. Those representatives and agents feel helpless, facing situations they hadn’t foreseen. The university degree ‘Religion and atheism in a secularism context’ aims at providing them with knowledge necessary to comprehend the role of religion in twenty-first century society and to give them conceptual and methodological tools useful for dealing with these issues professionally.

Teaching units: the university degree is organized in 7 teaching units (French titles):

  • Approche interdisciplinaire des textes philosophiques et religieux de référence.
  • Droit : Normes et relativité des normes (boire, manger, se marier, hériter, se vêtir…).
  • Histoire : Autorités politiques et religieuses : rapports de force et de collaboration.
  • Socio-Histoire : étude de sites internet et de collections d’ouvrages.
  • Géopolitique : Les religions au début du XXIe siècle.
  • Littérature – Philosophie : Visions du monde, rapport au temps, regards sur « les autres ».
  • Pratiques de terrain : Vivre et travailler avec des croyants et des non-croyants mises en situation : hôpitaux, prisons, écoles, banques etc.).

All practical details are available at the following address:



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