Lecture: ‘Un regard laïc sur l’histoire arabe’ – 03/24/2016 (Nantes)

Update 01/04: The recording of this lecture is now available at the following address: http://ipra.eu/centre-ressources/en/items/show/15

Jean-Pierre Filiu, professor of contemporary Middle-East history at Sciences Po (Paris), will give a lecture entitled ‘Un regard laïc sur l’histoire arabe’ (A secular look on Arab history) on Thursay the 24th of March 2016, at 8:30pm, at the Lieu Unique, in Nantes. This lecture is organized by the Labo Utile, with the collaboration of the IPRA. Please note that it will be held in French.

Summary: News saturated with violence and a certain intellectual laziness leads too often to forget the depth of the historical convulsions which seize the Arab world. Yet, this crisis is a long-lasting one, of revolutionary-type, and it is the continuation of two centuries of struggle for collective liberation and individual emancipation.
Finding the historical dynamics is crucial to find a meaning where the accumulation of horrors causes depression and incomprehension, rejection and even hostility. Added to this is the Islamization of the Arabs in the French debate, Islamization rooted in a colonial past hasty to treat Arab people as Muslim ‘masses’. Breaking with this insidious Islamization is opening the way to a secular history of the Arab world.

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