Autumn conferences and lectures

October and November 2015 

Religion in question : thoughts on the resurgence of religiosity

The reaffirmation of religious identities puts religion squarely in the public debate and raises the question of religious plurality. How, in our societies, can believers of various faiths and non-believers peacefully coexist? How can consequent social tensions or open conflicts be explained? How can they be resolved?

Theses issues will be addressed in a serie of lectures organized at Le Lieu Unique, in Nantes (France) :

  • October 15th 2015, 20h30, Round-table ‘European secularisms’ (with Jean-Philippe Schreiber, Philippe Gaudin et Silvio Ferrari, chaired by Dominique Avon) : This round-table discussion will raise the question of secularism in Eurome through the comparison of three countries (Belgium, France and Italy), which developed their own secularism concepts in very different historical contexts.
  • 26 novembre 2015, 20h30, ‘Freedom of expression in Islam’ (with Hamadi Redissi, professor of political science at the University of Tunis and author of numerous books on political Islam)

The detailed program of Le Lieu Unique is available here.


December 2015

Religion in textbooks from primary school to high school around and beyond the mediterranean rim (2-4 december)

This conference (organised by the IPRA and the IESR at the University of Maine), how issues related to religion are addressed in schools, through a comparison and analysis of history textbooks from different countries. The conference is organized in three workshops:

  • textbooks and their contents
  • institutions: issues and rivalries
  • teaching practices


You will find the lectures poster here:

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