Secularity training week-end, 12-13/09/2015, Saint-Nazaire

Dominique Avon, co-director of the IPRA, will give a lecture during the ‘secularism-training’ week-end organized by the Léo Lagrange Federation in Saint-Nazaire (France) on the 12th and 13th of september 2015.

During this week-end, the employees and volunteers of the Léo Lagrange Federation will learn about the history of secularism and discuss its definition and its role in our modern society. They will also be trained in new secularism ‘tools’ to be able to adress young people about this topic.

The Léo Lagrange Federation is a non-profitable popular education association, intervening in the fields of animation and teaching. It also helps the public players  implement their education, socio-cultural and integration policies.

You will find the week-end program below:

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