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Debates and Knowledge


This collection gathers recordings of lectures organized by the IPRA and not belonging to conferences or thematic cycles.

Contributors: Collective

Approches universitaires du fait religieux en milieu croyant et non croyant (en)


Academic research on religion reaches only partly, if at all, the religious communities or secular associations concerned with religious issues.…

Contributors: Collective

Workshop: Michel Houellebecq, athéisme et foi (Michel Houellebecq, secularism and faith)


Videos of the first interdisciplinary workshop of the study-cycle 'Michel Houellebecq ou misère de l’homme sans Dieu ?' (Michel Houellebecq or the…

Contributors: Peter Frei (University of Fribourg), Jérôme Grévy (University of Poitiers), Mathilde Hug (University Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle), Samuel Estier (University of Lausanne), Agathe Novak-Lechevalier (University Paris X-Nanterre), Christos Grosdanis (University Paris VII-Denis Diderot)

IPRA interviews

This collection gathers the interviews given by the IPRA.

Contributors: Dominique Avon (IPRA)

Religion in question : thoughts on the resurgence of religiosity


Recordings of the lectures given during the season 2015-2016 at the Lieu Unique, in Nantes.

The reaffirmation of religious identities puts religion…

Contributors: collective