Presentation of the IPRA

The Institute for Religious Pluralism and Atheism (IPRA), financed by the Pays de la Loire region, promotes research, teaching and public debate on the topic of religious pluralism in Europe and the Mediterranean (5th-21st centuries).

The IPRA wishes to federate the regional, national and international scientific community working on religious pluralism. It offers:

  • scientific events (conferences, doctoral seminars, workshops) to encourage and structure innovative and pluridisciplinar research
  • public round-tables to give keys for an in-depth understanding of hot issues
  • tools and training offers for students, professionals, administrations…

The IPRA has three websites:

  • A main website, used to broadcast the institute news (upcoming events, latest publications...) as well as a scientific monitoring
  • This resources center
  • An academic blog, in which the Institute of Religious Pluralism and Atheism and its associate researchers review seminars, conferences, books and articles and offer comments and anaylses on the news, all in the field of religious pluralism and atheism studies