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Lecture: ‘Les silences de Pie XII’ – 03/21/2016 (Le Mans)

…Update 04/06/2016 : The recording of this lecture is now available at the following address : Muriel Guittat-Naudin, doctor in contemporary history, will give a lecture in Le Mans on the 21rst of March 2016, on the theme: ‘Les silences de Pie XII, Histoire d’une controverse’ (The silence of…

Secularity training week-end, 12-13/09/2015, Saint-Nazaire

…Dominique Avon, co-director of the IPRA, will give a lecture during the ‘secularism-training’ week-end organized by the Léo Lagrange Federation in Saint-Nazaire (France) on the 12th and 13th of september 2015. During this week-end, the employees and volunteers of the Léo Lagrange Federation will learn about the history of secularism…