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The Second Ethnographic Film and Media Program of EASA – 19 & 20 November, Nantes (France)

…the Association Nantaise d’Etudiants en Sociologie (ANES) and the association Réflexion d’images Practical information: Date: November 19&20, 2015 Place: Université de Nantes, UFR de sociologie, Bâtiment Censive (salle des conférences), Chemin de la Censive du Tertre, 44300 Nantes (France) Free entry Program (in French): View Fullscreen Program (in English):…

11th forum Laïcité/diversité: ‘Sommes-nous producteurs d’inégalités ?’ – 22/03/2016 (Le Mans)

11th forum Laïcité/diversité: ‘Sommes-nous producteurs d’inégalités ?’ – 22/03/2016 (Le Mans)

…Practical information: Date: Tuesday March 22 of 2016, from 9am to 5pm Place: Centre Social des Quartiers Sud, 20 boulevard des Glonnières, 72100 Le Mans Free upon registration (you must register before the 18th of March) at the following address: Info : 02 43 39 27 18 /…

Secularity training week-end, 12-13/09/2015, Saint-Nazaire

…Dominique Avon, co-director of the IPRA, will give a lecture during the ‘secularism-training’ week-end organized by the Léo Lagrange Federation in Saint-Nazaire (France) on the 12th and 13th of september 2015. During this week-end, the employees and volunteers of the Léo Lagrange Federation will learn about the history of secularism…